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Core Technology

Innovative technology, innovative applications, innovative models.

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Provide a series of solutions for enterprises.

  • Brand protection and trademark infringement prevention

    Help protect the brand market and identify trademark products.

    Dande promotes the implementation of corporate brand strategy, with the brand's most important intangible asset “trademark” as the core, and the Internet service model as the link to create a one-stop service for trademark protection.

  • Trademark authentication and fleeing goods prevention

    Identify products, monitor goods.

    Dande links the trademark anti-infringement service with the company's existing anti-regional dumping system, and reads the coded information while verifying the trademark. It provides a tool for enterprises to use the smart phone to carry out the supervision of the goods at any time and any place.

  • Trademark infringement big data analysis and early warning system

    Assist in supervision, investigation and evidence collection, real-time warning.

    Provide important data support for investigation and evidence collection and trademark infringement judgment, and provide multi-dimensional infringement warning service for brand enterprises.



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