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Dande Image Master Co., Ltd., Zhuhaiis a national high-tech enterprise with returnee scholars, marketing experts, technical experts and management experts as the core team, is focusing on the application and research of artificial intelligence in the field of image.

Dande is devoted to the cause of "promoting the creation, protection and utilization of intellectual property rights" in order to safeguard social fairness and justice, build the desirable commercial environment and protect the brand value of enterprises. Taking the responsibility of protecting the consumer's rights, Dande becomes the first company to develop the trademark security technology for the purpose of intellectual property protection, which has broken through the technical bottlenecks of trademark anti-infringement on printed products, innovated the technical means of brand protection and realized the commercialization and industrialization of services.

Dande has dozens of patents, copyrights, trademark rights and enterprise standards, which has also been awarded the national high-tech product certification, intellectual property standard execution certification, anti-counterfeiting product certification, Blue Shield Cup Security Technology Innovation Award, National Packaging Technology Innovation Award, and has been nominated for Finals of the 2017 National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest.

At present, the technology has drawn the attention of many well-known enterprises and media in China and abroad, which has been launched in the market. It is reported by Guangdong TV, Zhuhai TV, Zhuhai Special, Southern Metropolis Daily, Pearl River Evening News, Zhuhai Radio, Hong Kong Commercial Daily and many other media.

Dande is willing to cooperate with all walks of the society to undertake social responsibilities, protect the intellectual property with professional technical services, help to implement national brand strategy and promote the construction of honest society and safeguard the happy life of the people.

Cooperate with Dande to safeguard your brands and protect your consumers.

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